Desert Bags

So many wonderful and important things happened in the desert …
… that we really need a desert bag with our Godly Play things.

Desert Bags are made with strong, desert coloured fabric, and cotton cord drawstrings.

They cost £21 each, plus Postage and Packing.
P&P for orders sent to a UK address is:
2nd class - £3.85 - normally with you within 4 days of posting
1st class - £4.50 - normally with you the day after posting

If you are ordering outwith the UK, we will let you know how much P&P is.

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What Next?

Godly Play Scotland will send a Stripe invoice for your Desert Bag and Postage and Packing.

Desert Bags are £21 each.

Once paid, we aim to ship your Desert Bag within 5 working days (but it will usually be quicker).

If you have any questions about your Desert Bag, please get in touch with

About these Desert Bags

Godly Play Scotland has been making Desert Bags for over 13 years. Our first desert bag is still being used to tell the stories of the People of God.

Over the years the design has altered slightly, to bring the size of desert bags in line with desert boxes.

The fabric is always desert coloured, strong and flexible. The colours and patterns change from time to time, depending on what is available. We always try to get plain fabric, but, sometimes, it just isn't available.

The cord is strong cotton and the knot is always in the same place - so even if you pick up one of our desert bags in a different Godly Play room you know which way round it goes.

The fabric is washed and tumble dried as part of the process - it makes the fabric tighter. We always check new fabric to make sure that we aren't making giant sieves. And we use these bags ourselves - they are in the Godly Play Scotland rooms, in the Trainers travelling sets and in our lending resources.

Desert Bags are made in a smoke free environment. It is not pet free - there is a small dog, but he doesn't help make the bags.